Key Highlights

Imposing front grille

Make a strong statement, when you arrive, with the dominating chrome-inlay front grille.

Muscular alloy wheels

When the Scorpio’s 43 cm alloy wheels turn, rest assured, heads will turn, too.

Impressive tailgate

An impressive tailgate, furnished with aeroblade wipers and chrome, lets you command attention. Every single time.

Stylish LED tail lamps

Stylish, LED tail lamps give them something to stare at as you leave them behind.

Projector headlamps

The projector headlamps with LED eyebrows and chrome put the mean into the machine.

    Striking bonnet scoop

    The scoop’s ‘low-drag intake’ design amplifies performance to give you an extra edge.

    Plush, faux leather interiors

    Open doors to plush faux leather on seats, steering wheel, and gear knob.

    Striking fog lamps

    Stunning fog lamps with chrome bezels so that you can journey heroically into the unknown.

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