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Last month few vehicles reported abnormal engine behavior during one of the post-production tests which is carried out on sampling basis at the manufacturing plant. An in-depth analysis and a very thorough investigation including verification has helped us conclude that this is owing to the contaminated fuel in the vehicle which was from the fuel received on a particular date.


Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) is committed to deliver a Safe and Pleasurable driving experience to our customers and through this note, we wish to inform you that your Mahindra vehicle needs to be inspected for this potential concern at our dealer service station.



There is a potential risk of accelerated premature wear to the Engine and auxiliary engine components.


Action planned at M&M to address this concern.

Since your vehicle is manufactured during this period, we propose to carry out a service action. The service action will require replacement of the Engine assembly & auxiliary engine components and this activity will be performed at ZERO COST to you.


Cooperation solicited from you

Since your vehicle falls in the said batch of vehicles, your authorized Mahindra dealer will contact you to make an appointment to facilitate the vehicle inspection as soon as possible. However, depending upon the dealer’s work schedule/load and the inspection results, it may be necessary to make your vehicle available for a certain period of time at the workshop.


Any additional Queries.

Your local authorized Mahindra dealer will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and set up an appointment to perform this important activity. If you require further assistance, you may also contact our 24x7 Mahindra Customer Relationship Center at 1800-209-6006.


Thank you for your trust in brand Mahindra.


For Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.


Sanjoy Gupta
Vice President – Customer Care
Automotive Division

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