Step by Step Guide to Weekend off-Roading with Scorpio

Thu, 05 10 2017
14 Mahindra Scorpio Off Road

Most of the action happens on the tarmac, some would believe. That’s only because they don’t know what’s happening off the tarmac. The most challenging situations aren’t traffic jams, but are completely open spaces. Not parking ramps, but inclines. Not water on the road, but water on the mud. That’s right, the mud. This is off-road. Welcome to where the real action is at. The only rules in off-roading are the ones that you create, but then again, there are still some things that you should probably do if you want to have a good experience

Starting out, the very first thing that you will need is a machine. No, not a washing machine. You will need a machine with four wheels, a machine tough enough to handle any trail that comes its way. This is where the Mahindra Scorpio comes into play. The Mahindra Scorpio is an astute combination of ruggedness and practicality at the same time, something that plays a vital role in off-roading. Not any car can handle the off-roads, but the ones that do have magic in their suspension. The suspension of the Mahindra Scorpio is the very basis for its ability to be the king of the off-road. Its Cushion Suspension Technology and Anti-roll technology make it more flexible and efficient at shock absorption. The only shock you might get is shocked at how efficiently it absorbs impact

The off-roads can be dangerous if you aren’t prepared for them. The weather keeps changing, and the trail keeps reacting to these changes. So, how do you stay prepared? The answer lies in how prepared your Scorpio is. At its most basic, off-roading requires that your machine is at a full tank. The obstacles along the trail increase fuel consumption, so you must also keep that in mind. But the Scorpio happens to have something that will help you here - call it the suitcase carrying the secret weapon. Actually, don’t call it that because it’s name is Intelli-Hybrid. It is responsible for reducing your fuel consumption by using Motor Assist, Electronic start-stop function and brake energy regeneration. That’s enough to keep the 60 litre fuel tank of this beast self- sufficient for a long off-roading session

Your tyres also factor in how prepared you are for your weekend adventure. But no worries, all that you need is an air compressor to adjust the amount of air in your Mahindra Scorpio’s tyres. Always remember, the more sandy the terrain, the less air should be in your tyres.

Apart from preparedness and machinery, you also need a good amount of power in that machinery. For this, the Scorpio’s upgraded MHawk engine, definitely packs a punch! When it comes to off-roading, high torque is what comes in handy. This means a reduced maximum speed, but more power to each wheel at the same time - courtesy of the powerful MHawk within the Scorpio.

If you want to get good at off-roading and enjoy it to its fullest, then there’s only one mantra you should follow- do it more and with the best SUV! So, when you’re heading out for your next off-roading adventure, remember to carry water, basic supplies and first aid. Let your Mahindra Scorpio do the rest; it is after all an expert at off-roading!

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