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Thu, 08 03 2018
5 What-Makes-The-All-Powerful-Scorpio

The Mahindra Scorpio has been dominating the SUV space for over 15 years and has built a fan following of its own. Some might even call it a machine that has a cult following. Well, this cult SUV is back in an improved avatar and is all set to take 2018 by storm!

So, what's new? Here's everything that you need to know!

It's More Powerful Than Before

There's an unwritten law that you probably don't know about. If you do know about it, then we'll repeat it for you anyway. The law states that 'The level of thrill that you get from driving an SUV is directly proportionate to how powerful it is'. If you don't believe in this law, then you probably haven't experienced the thrill of being in control of raw power on the tarmac. In the eyes of this law, the Scorpio was already doing pretty well. But there's no harm in doing better than better, now is there? That's what we think at least, and that's why the new All-Powerful Scorpio comes with an augmented mHawk mHawk engine with xx cc. The new engine's power and torque of 103kW (140BHP) and 320Nm respectively, along with its 6th generation turbocharger means that you're in for one hell of a ride! Not only does this enable the Scorpio to perform better on the road, but also off it!
With the All-powerful Scorpio and its new engine which powers the beast, we don't recommend speeding in the desert unless you want to cause a sandstorm.

It's Got an all-new 6-speed Transmission

A more powerful engine shouldn't always mean that you guzzle more gas. That's where the new 6-speed transmission comes in. It optimises the performance in each gear and allows you to cruise on highways in overdrive, all this with the added benefit of improving your fuel consumption.

Its New Front Grille Looks Great!

There's one word for it- imposing. The Scorpio's new front grille adds an iconic style to its looks. Wherever you go, the spotlight is going to be on you, because a front design like this commands respect and attention! Overhauled Interiors Most so-called SUVs have seats, but they don't have the spaciousness that the all-powerful Mahindra Scorpio does. You can call it a well-designed living room on wheels, one which comes in 7-seater and 8-seater variants. The seats now come in plush black faux leather, seasoned with dark blue fabric inserts. You can now literally feel the leather with the faux leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear knob.

It Comes Equipped With a State of the Art Parking Technology

Many people think that parking a full-blown, 1 blue like the Scorpio can be a hassle, well they're wrong! Apart from Bluetooth, AUX, GPS and USB connectivity, the Scorpio's 15cm touchscreen comes with an extra superpower- it also displays the rear view through a camera. This camera helps you to see where you're reversing so that parking becomes easier, and what's more is that it comes with a dynamic assist too, so that you're always in control!

Its New Tailgate is As Stylish As Ever

A tailgate as stylish as the All-Powerful Mahindra Scorpio's has the added benefit of less people honking at you, you know why? Because whoever is driving behind you will not be able to stop gazing at the redesigned tailgate's chrome applique and sleek red lens LED tail lamps. In fact, they'll probably be so mesmerized that they'll be happy to follow your lead.

Brake with the Latest Generation Braking System

The All-Powerful Scorpio's New Generation braking system instils superb confidence. This latest generation braking system works smoothly and efficiently, even at high speeds! So, in a jiffy, this is what makes the All-Powerful Mahindra Scorpio so awesome. Give it a test drive today to experience all these new additions for yourself!

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