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Sat, 16 02 2019

Are you driving somewhere with your entire family? Are you looking for an adventurous trip with your friends? Are you craving for a long drive across the Ghats, riverbanks, and raw roads? Do you simply want a drive with your loved ones across the city?

No matter what you are looking for – an SUV empowers you to do everything you want while not compromising on the essentials! I own an SUV, and it is extremely powerful, safe, and of tremendous fun to drive!

Wondering if you should invest in an SUV in India?

Let us see six reasons why you should also bring your own SUV home right away!

  1. Flexibility – I have always needed a vehicle, which would comfortably seat all my family members. Hence,family SUV cars" were always my first choice. They help me save a lot of time, as I do not have to take multiple trips to pick them up. My 7-seater SUV is able to comfortably take all of us to our destination. SUVs, compared to their 5-seater counterparts, have more spacious interiors. In addition, the third row of seats allows me to onboard more than five passengers! Moreover, even if there are five passengers, I still have more than enough space to keep my luggage or even an entire picnic kit!!
  2. Undefeated USP – I love off-roading and driving from one city to another. An SUV, while carrying out the functions of a conventional car efficiently, can also operate at the efficacy levels of a mini truck. For me, its versatility is what makes SUVs distinct from other categories of vehicles. Whether I am driving to work on a straight expressway, or I am off-roading on rough terrain – it is always a pleasure to ride it because of the sheer power and brilliant handling.
  3. Power-packed performance – Before buying the SUV, my family was concerned about the weight of the car. Some even said that due its size, the performance might suffer. However, let me tell you from my personal experience that this is far from the truth. The sturdiness of the SUV in no way compromises the car's speed or performance. In fact, powerful SUVs are capable of cutting through the roads with an incredible horsepower. Most SUVs can go from 0-100 in just a matter of 15 seconds! I am especially fond of the braking ability of this family of cars. It stops before you can complete the sentence, "Press the brakes!"
  4. A warrior's shield – Safety is a huge concern for me, especially when I am driving with my entire family. The SUV's true strength lies in the fact that it keeps you protected and safe in case of an accident. In some situations, it can even help you tackle floods and minor disasters with ease! Given its height and size, it keeps you in control of your vehicle and can easily elude inevitable disastrous situations
  5. Born for terrains – Let me be honest with you. I love driving. In fact, after covering most of the parts of our country, I even started driving to the neighbouring countries. The roads ranged from smooth roads to rough terrains, but my SUV was able to ride all the way through with ease. An adventurous spirit is not just in the SUV's persona, but also a core skill that has helped me realize my desire to travel and explore new places. Due to its high-ground clearance, I can easily crawl over speed-breakers without getting my heart in my mouth!
  6. More power to you – The all-drive wheel technology gives me the choice to control the car on either 2WD or 4WD, as per my need! SUVs are being considered more practical for Indian users with an incredible ride quality, high ground clearance, spacious interiors, and overall, a better image over others!

For me, SUV is all about style and safety while having a powerful aura protecting my family. Moreover, its multi-purpose functionality makes it convenient for me while having an incredible value for money. New sub-categories such as Hybrid SUVs are opening up new markets in the sector and are evoking tremendous interest in consumers like me!

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