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Thu, 03 08 2017
20 Tech Safety Features of the Mahindra XUV500

Let’s play a game. This game is called the ‘Yay or Nay’ game. So here’s how it works, we talk about something in specific and after analysing all the information relevant, we will decide if it is worthy of a ‘yay’ or a ‘nay’. The motive over here would be to maximise the yays.

Now that we’ve invented a new game (don’t tell your friends about it, this is our thing), let’s apply it! So, will the new tech and safety features of the Mahindra XUV500 earn it a yay or a nay? Let’s find out!

  1. Connected Apps

    Enable the wifi on the infotainment system of your XUV500 and you’re connected! But connected to what (apart from the wifi, of course)? The Mahindra XUV500’s infotainment has a special feature wherein you can use a set of pre- defined apps like Zomato and Book My Show on the go, without having to use them on your mobile phone. Has your phone ever been dead and you’ve had to physically go to buy a ticket for a movie that you want to watch? Have you ever been hungry with a dead phone and no reference as to where you may find food that doesn’t give you stomach cancer? The connected apps feature is your solution. Solutions deserve a ‘yay’, don’t you think? Connect more to this feature here
  2. Android Auto

    A simple link can change everything. The Android Auto brings out the best in in-car infotainment technology by linking Android devices with the infotainment system in the Mahindra XUV500. Some would say that using a phone while driving is a bad thing. We agree, but we’ve figured out a way around it. Through Android Auto, you can access all the important information that you need from your phone-be it music, contacts or even Google search. Interacting with your phone through Android Auto also requires negligible effort. You can do so either through speech or by the controls on the steering wheel. Now you can stay connected to your phone while keeping your safety in mind! A win-win situation, don’t you think so? On that note, we think that it would only be logical to end this point with a ‘yay’. In case you want to learn more about this feature, click on this link
    It’s exactly like we said in the beginning- a simple link can change everything.
  3. Emergency Call (E-Call)

    The worst part about danger is that at times it is unforeseeable, so the best way to stay prepared is by taking precautions. Allow us to introduce you to E-Call. The principle behind this is simple- sometimes when you are in danger, you are unable to get the help that you need. E-Call automates the cry out for help to emergency services so that all you have to do is wait without worrying. A crash that leads to the airbags being deployed will automatically activate an emergency call from your phone within 5 seconds (as long as it is paired through Bluetooth). Additionally, having the Blue Sense App on your phone and being connected to the Bluetooth will enable an automatic emergency SMS system through which pre-set numbers will receive a text with your exact location. As a safeguard, this SMS will also be sent to Mahindra customer care In the name of safety, this is a ‘yay’. To be on the safe side and learn more about this feature, click here .
  4. Ecosense

    Common sense is very uncommon in common people, but ecosense? That’s common in all XUV500 drivers. Ecosense teaches you the best driving practices by analysing your driving through the parameters of speed, gear selection, acceleration and engine idle time, all from the easily accessible infotainment system of the Mahindra XUV500. Based on these learnings, it gives you a score, thus enabling you to have an incentive to be a better driver and conserve more fuel. A car that teaches you how to drive better? That definitely deserves a yay. Learn more about Ecosense here

As you may have noticed, we analysed 4 features and got 4 yays! We could go on and on about the SUV’s exterior and how it’s first-in-class features make it one of the most impeccable suv in india ,but we wouldn’t want to offend the other cars in this category, now would we. In conclusion, the Mahindra XUV500 is the best 4WD SUV. GAME OVER (in a good way).

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