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Mon, 02 07 2018
4 Discover-the-unexplored-with-the-Plush-New-XUV500

Mahindra’s plush New XUV 500 brings to your garage luxury beyond the ordinary.

The new XUV500 is designed for supreme driving pleasure that will inspire you to explore the road less travelled. By offering an unmatched combination of cutting-edge technology & state-of-the-art luxury, Mahindra’s new SUV grabs eye-balls wherever it goes. grabs eye-balls wherever it goes.

We bring to you all the reasons you would long to hit the roads in this machine and create stories.

Seated to Perfection

The interiors of the new XUV500 personify luxury. The opulent leather seats are quilted to perfection to pamper you and the soft-touch interiors will keep you supremely comfortable on your next road trip. The interiors are fashioned in hues that amp up the luxury quotient while you drive your loved one for that romantic Friday dinner.

Knight of the Road

The new, desirable front grille design with chrome inserts on the XUV500 will make you turn around to have that one glimpse of your plush SUV after you park. Its revamped design certainly walks the talk & lets you flaunt your machine with your friends on a weekend spin.

Turn the Wrench

When in doubt, throttle it out. The new muscular mHawk engine with higher power & impressive performance will let you roar through the streets in style. The plush new XUV500 has vast reserves of torque that lets you amble along effortlessly on mundane streets while tackling the cumbersome city traffic. Its enhanced power also lets you enjoy peak performance while you cover hairpin after hairpin through the ghats on your weekend getaway.

In a nutshell, your plush new Mahindra XUV500 will make sure you have stories to tell & adventures to live.

Tell us about your adventures behind the wheel in the comments below.

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