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Thu, 03 08 2017
18 Mahindra Scorpio System

City roads are getting more and more clustered as the days pass. With the ever-increasing number of rickshaws, taxis, and bikes on Indian roads, vehicles that command a certain respect are disappearing. This is where Mahindra steps in. Owing to its supreme reliability, ease of driving, and go-anywhere nature, the Scorpio has been lapped up by customers not only in India but, all over the world. The Scorpio is a multi-faceted city car and here are five reasons why it is loved by so many people around the globe-

  1. Design

    The The Mahindra Scorpio is definitely the Hrithik Roshan of SUVs, no doubt about that. The handsome, imposing and yet classy lines, make the Scorpio great to look at from any and all angles. This butch SUV makes heads turn wherever it goes, no matter what. It surely helps that it looks right at home in the city as well as a dirt track! The Scorpio’s design is such that whichever car views it in its rear-view mirror, will surely make way for it. The fantastic exterior design continues inside, as well. The Scorpio’s well laid-out interior makes sure that the passengers are comfortable and relaxed throughout. The easygoing design language extends to the Scorpio’s driving characteristics, too. The 5.4-metre turning radius and hydraulic steering of the Scorpio aid in maneuvering it easily in the city and the highway, both.
  2. Safety

    A good design is not the only thing that Mahindra has focused on! The Mahindra Scorpio is one of the safest SUVs being sold in the Indian and overseas markets today. The dual airbags are only the beginning of Mahindra’s safety kit. Equipped with ABS and EBD, the Scorpio makes sure that no drive of yours will ever end with you panicking to brake safely. It doesn’t just stop there. The collapsible steering column and side intrusion beams make sure that in the unfortunate incident of an accident, the car takes the impact instead of the passengers.
  3. Technology

    Along with its superior safety, the technological prowess of the Mahindra doesn’t fail to impress. In today’s day and age, even our cars must be loaded to the gills with technology. The Mahindra Scorpio does not disappoint. With its super-efficient static bending projector lamps, shift-on- fly 4WD, GPS, hybrid technology, intelligent parking system, tyre pressure monitoring system, and so much more, the SUV is a technological marvel! The SUV is also equipped with Intelli-Hybrid technology. This revolutionary technology not only helps to give a higher mileage but also assists the engine by providing electric power during acceleration. It also includes regenerative braking technology, which helps to charge the battery.
  4. Comfort

    Whether you’re stuck in a traffic jam within the city or you’re out on the highway munching those miles, you have got to be comfortable. The Scorpio’s comfortable fabric seats and automatic AC will guarantee a cozy ride all the way to your destination. Mahindra has made sure that there’s no room for complaints even in the rear seats, especially when it comes to cooling. The Scorpio’s rear AC vents help to cool the cabin evenly and keep all the passengers comfortable. The plush suspension of the Scorpio guarantees comfort over the worst roads imaginable as well as city and highway roads. Power windows, electrically adjustable mirrors, cruise control, and a fantastic audio system pamper you in the Scorpio as you arrive fresh as a daisy at your destination.
  5. Mileage

    With all the comfort, technology, safety and fantastic design, one would expect that the Scorpio consumes fuel like a lion consumes a deer- in huge amounts! But, you could not be more wrong! As Indians, we are obsessed with fuel mileage of any vehicle. Whether it’s an SUV or a hatchback, the “Kitna Deti Hain?” question is the first question we ask when we enter a showroom. Well, the 7/8-Seater Mahindra Scorpio manages a respectable 12 kmpl mileage within the city. This is a magnificent feat from the 2179cc diesel mHawk engine. Along with this amazing mileage, the Scorpio is easy to drive, powerful, and much more refined than the competitors in its class. With next to zero turbo lag, the mHawk engine is a gem of an engine suited for city and highway alike.

The Mahindra Scorpio is an all-rounder and a best-selling vehicle in the Indian market. Backed by Mahindra’s reputation for reliability and their confidence in the Indian market, the Scorpio is a product that must be number one for anyone looking to buy an accomplished SUV.

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